Step up your leadership.

“The most exciting breakthroughs of the twenty- first century will not occur because of technology, but because of an expanding concept of what it means to be human.” - John Naisbitt

When you choose coaching for the leaders of your organization, you will be helping them address the current issue as well as expand their capacity to better meet circumstances down the road. Evolve coaches help your leaders meet the following outcomes:

  • Long-term excellence

  • The ability to self-correct

  • Competence in being self-generating

We come to understand your leaders with great depth and scope, speak with them in a way that opens up insights and possibilities and offer a path forward that includes reflections and practices custom-designed for them.

Evolve coaches use the Integral Coaching® approach to help your leaders grow. Integral Coaching® is an ongoing, evolving methodology intended to be the most comprehensive response to human life. We reach deeply into the past, gathering wisdom from East and West, while still staying current with the frontiers of new discovery in cognitive science, genetics and other disciplines. We call our work integral because we include everything about you and your world in our coaching. This includes what you are aware of along with your potential—what could be brought about through focused, skillful methods. We help you see how you represent yourself and also help you learn about your social world, habits, relationship with your body, the quality of your self-care, the amount of attention and energy available to you to take on change and much more.

Evolve coaches have decades of experience leading programs and teams across multiple industries including transportation, technology, health care, social assistance, management, manufacturing, performing arts, broadcasting, education and finance. We’ve worked in many different types of organizations including non-governmental organizations, civic organizations, local, state and national governments, think tanks, large corporations and small businesses. We hail from multiple, diverse communities and backgrounds throughout the United States.

our Specializations

Executive and Leadership
In today’s complex world and business environment, we support executives and leaders in understanding how to make decisions and act from a place of grounding, flexibility, openness and strength.

We work with the creatives in your organization—who face a unique set of challenges—to harness the energy of their ideas, turning their imagination into reality on a consistent basis.

Cross-cultural Navigation
Our coaches help your organization enable a smooth cross-cultural adjustment for international business staff by helping them develop cultural cultural sensitivity, masterful communications and personal resiliency.

TESTIMONIALS about our coaches

“Jill is an extraordinary coach. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs help navigating the myriad challenges of transition. Jill listened intently, asked very thoughtful questions, and suggested strategies (tailored to my interests) for getting “unstuck” in my post-military journey. Her ideas for deeper self-discovery will be invaluable. Thank you Jill!” - Geoff G.

“For the first time in my life, I am ready to take the journey of recovery, of getting to know myself, to love myself. When I met Jill, the journey began. Every day I feel more empowered and inspired to continue the journey.” - Bridget R.

"Jill helped me gain the clarity and insight that I need to address the tough questions.” - Elizabeth T.

“You changed my life - by being present at such a critical time in my life. I’m taking this leap because of the courage you have awoken in me.” - Doug L.

“I feel energized by Jill and encouraged, and listened to.” - Sara B.

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