Why music has such profound effects on the brain
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Are wages rising, falling, or stagnating?
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The Roots of Authority
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Creating a culture of learning
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This Futuristic Hospital Is Using Greenery As Medicine
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Positive solitude, Feeling active and Future-mindednes: Three Keys to Well-being
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Policymakers can help businesses retrain their workers
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Getting personal about change
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Growing your own agility coaches to adopt new ways of working
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Why You Should Stop Trying to Be Happy at Work
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Got silos? Build bridges
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Imagining playful learning landscapes for every community
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Create a workplace where everyone feels comfortable speaking up
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Anxiety might be alleviated by regulating gut bacteria
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How to create happier employees
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The journey to an agile organization
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Three ways to demystify disappointments at work
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Unleashing Philanthropy’s Big Bets for Social Change
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Want to learn a new skill? Take some short breaks
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What is the future of work?
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Decision Making in the Age of Urgency
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The Surprising Power of Simply Asking Coworkers How They’re Doing
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Be yourself at work — it’s healthier and more productive
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The Meaning of “Good Work”
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New evidence of the benefits of arts education
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Exercise may improve speaking skills in people as young as 20
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Overcoming Digital Distraction
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Brain biomarkers identify those at risk of severe PTSD symptoms
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Nudging Does Not Necessarily Improve Decisions
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The 17 different ways your face conveys happiness
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How Our Careers Affect Our Children
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We Need to Talk More About Mental Health at Work
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Stanford researchers learn how the brain decides what to learn
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October 25, 2018

How the brain overcomes its own limitations
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The Four Building Blocks of Transformation
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There’s No Such Thing as Difficult People
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How to Lead High-Performing Nonprofit Executive Teams
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It's Okay to Be Good and Not Great
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Making work meaningful: A leader’s guide
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Why Corporate Wellness Programs Fall Short
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Embracing stakeholder value to produce results
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Making Change Contagious
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Bosses are getting boxed in by their emails
Michigan State University
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The Four X Factors of Exceptional Leaders
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Want happy customers? Focus on happy employees
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American Workers Remain Upbeat About Job Security
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The Business Case for Curiosity
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The overlooked essentials of employee well-being
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What happens when we work non-stop?
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Right-skilling for your future workforce
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Using Neuroscience to Make Feedback Work and Feel Better
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Collaborating Isn’t the Only Option
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Employer expectations on off-hours email: new study shows adverse health effects on workers and families
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Is good design elitist?
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Why Wandering Works Wonders for Managers
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The Global Liveability Index 2018
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Virtually Alone: Real Ways to Connect Remote Teams
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Create Immediate Self-Awareness
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Desperately Seeking Workers
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The Gift of Feeling Helpless
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Does it pay to treat employees well?
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Why Teams Should Argue
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Using Improv to Transform How You Lead
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Why You Should Let Employees Personalize Their Job Descriptions
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May 21, 2018

The Amish understand a life-changing truth about technology the rest of us don’t
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May 18, 2018

Taking a break is part of your job
Marcela Sapone in Quartz at Work
May 16, 2018

Why willpower is overrated
Brian Resnick in Vox
April 25, 2018

11 Things That Will Happen When You’re Ready To Give Up A Bad Habit
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Morten Hansen: Do Less, Achieve More
Work and Life with Stew Friedman (podcast)
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The 411 on the “Future of Work”
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The Workplace Is Killing People and Nobody Cares
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Facial Displays Are Tools for Social Influence
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A Cure for Disconnection
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How to Concentrate in a World of 24/7 Distraction
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Why Our Brains Fall for False Expertise, and How to Stop It
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Why HR Leaders Are Vital for Culture Change
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Using Story to Change Systems
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Power Can Corrupt Leaders. Compassion Can Save Them
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The Need for Digital Know-How Starts at the Top
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The Worst Well-Being Year on Record for the U.S.
February 14, 2018

Your stress is now my stress: research study explains how
Cumming School of Medicine Staff at University of Calgary
February 13, 2018

City and metropolitan income inequality data reveal ups and downs through 2016
Alan Berube at Brookings
February 5, 2018

Promotions and the Peter Principle
The National Bureau of Economic Research
February 2018

How We’ll Win, our four-part exploration of the fight for gender equality
Quartz at Work
February 2018

Key Takeaways from the 2018 Global Talent Summit
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What’s On The Minds Of Tech CEOs In 2018?
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Starting a Transformation? Don’t Change Everything!
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These countries have the highest quality of life
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World Inequality Report 2018
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What Will Work Look Like in 2030?
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If You Aspire to Be a Great Leader, Be Present
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Does Time Pressure Help or Hinder Creativity at Work?
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The Strength of Vulnerable Leaders
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A New Model of Collaborative Philanthropy
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Human Experience Model (at work)
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3 Ways to Increase Impact in the Social Sector
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Audacious Philanthropy
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Is Your Nonprofit Built for Sustained Innovation?
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Burnout at Work Isn’t Just About Exhaustion. It’s Also About Loneliness
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How to Harness Nature's Healing Power
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The Key to Jobs in the Future is not College But Compassion
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The World's Broken Workplace
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Four Trends to Consider as Cross-Sector Partnerships Begin a New Year
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State of the American Workplace
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Us versus Them: Reframing Resistance to Change
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Spending 10 Minutes a Day on Mindfulness Subtly Changes the Way You React to Everything
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Learning new skills isn’t enough to stay ahead. You must also unlearn old ones
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100+ sources that every innovation professional should know
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The Fine Art of Making the Right Decision
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Creating an Entrepreneurial Society
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We need creativity to survive. So why are we so suspicious of it?
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This New Silicon Valley VC Firm Wants To Fund Solutions To The World's Biggest Problems
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Four Ways To Improve Creative Collaboration Within Teams
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Six Spaces Required For Effective Collaboration
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A Guide to Leading Change Management
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