Bring it all together.

We believe that it’s fruitless to attempt to change the world at large before we fully take on changing ourselves. We help organizations learn to cooperate in all aspects of their beings with what is happening at the moment, what is emerging in the group. There is great power and opportunity in our teams when we look at ourselves with fresh eyes and construct aligned, sustainable workplaces and working arrangements.

No two organizations are the same. Evolve’s custom team development programs combine practical tools with expert facilitation, ensuring our partners are equipped to navigate local, regional and global challenges and opportunities.

We develop experiences that are tailored to individual program requirements for leadership and team development. We believe that the strength of a program lies in its ability to connect people with themselves first, enabling them to have less friction in connecting with issues as well as with broader global networks. Effective learning happens when participants open up their whole selves, rather than simply learn skills.

We build trust across the team through masterful listening and, later, develop a shared language so the team can have critical and sometimes challenging conversations while still maintaining team connection. All of this helps organizations set bold, brave goals and the systems required to win big and solve problems.


Team Building
We incite innovation through interactive, inquiry-based sessions that leave teams more trusting, energized and self-generating.

Equity and Inclusion
We support teams in transforming from separation to unity, from alienation to belonging. Through honest sharing and bodywork, we unwind the old and build capacity to remember the truth of the interdependent and interwoven nature of all of life.

Strategic Alignment
From time to time, an organization senses the need to pause and align its strategy with its culture. Our approach is a process that supports the leadership team in assessing and aligning its vision for the organization with that of its short-term goals, culture, team dynamics and individual staff strengths.

Board Development
We work with staff and board leaders to implement best practices that ensure successful board governance through a method of inquiry and invitation to new ways of being.


“Facing and recognizing where I am and who I am and also listening to my colleagues' thoughts were priceless.” - Romina T.

“I liked the way Jill shared that we can create our own interruptions instead of waiting for life to make it happen for us. I will use that to keep reminding myself if I'm interrupting myself.” - Emily R.

“Thank you…for organizing the meeting and being so well-prepared! It made the meeting so smooth and productive. Your calm demeanor really helped the team stay focused yet relaxed.” - Irene W.

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