What is the lasting impact you will make?

We work with you to align your values, strengths and priorities with the goal of leading a full life of connection and contribution.

We help you implement simple things to better design your life, starting with cultivating your curiosity. Together, we will prototype—a fundamental part of design thinking to help us try and devise as many quick and easy experiments to conduct as we can to test out our assumptions.

A key part of our work together will be to reframe problems. There are a number of very well known cognitive biases that can limit our thinking and restrict our choices. Indeed, studies have even shown that the way we frame things can play a significant part in whether we get started or procrastinate. By reframing our problems we can often look at situations in a new light and come up with much better solutions to them.

We all have a need for lifelong learning, and designing your life very much fits into this mold. There is no real end point and it is much less about the outcome than it is about the way you go about achieving it. This focus on process rather than outcome will allow you to gain something from every eventuality, good or bad.

Design and invention are increasingly collaborative processes, and designing your life is no different.

Testimonials about visioning & life design support

“Jill was so helpful and kind, she took time to listen to where I was getting stuck and what I want to do in a civilian career, and gave me some great actionable recommendations. She was very positive and encouraging of my goals.”
- Noёlle K.

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