Mastering human complexity. Creating clarity. 

"Talent neglected or misguided, investigations into the nature of things not completed, what is right understood but not acted upon, and the lack of energy to rectify what is wrong — these are the things which pain my heart, which I exist to remedy." - Kung-Tzu (Confucius)

We integrate a broad range of approaches and tools into our work with clients, including:

mindfulness | emotional intelligence | somatic awareness and readiness | masterful conversations
vocation discernment | applied neurobiology | systems thinking

When it comes to the workplace, it is hard to imagine a better moment in history to prioritize health and well-being for all. The modern upheaval in individuals’ work lives is dramatic and disruptive. Workplace stress alone costs US employers an estimated $200 billion every year in healthcare costs. 

We are seeing the necessity for new skills at negotiating, managing work and family life and navigating interconnected human systems; we are seeing new ways of leading, often in a distributed way and in virtual environments; and we are seeing women, people of color and those without elite education continue to be disadvantaged, exacerbating the inequalities that already exist.

For us, everything is open to exploration and reevaluation, and we do not hesitate to recommend technically superior, sometimes unorthodox methods and ideas.

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