Even a one-day retreat makes a big difference.

In addition to offering you an escape from routine, retreats set themselves apart due to the intent behind them. This intent can be an issue that you wish to focus on but don't make time for, a recent experience that you want to reflect on or talk about with people who understand what you're going through, the quest for some distance from your current situation to think clearly and bring things into perspective or simply quality time with yourself and nature so you can rejuvenate.

Evolve retreats are aimed at providing you the solitude you need. We situate them in secluded and serene locations to present a platform for you to leave behind the hustle and bustle of life and let your nerves relax. Being close to nature has shown to reduce the production of cortisol—our primary stress hormone. Moreover, clean air, calm surroundings and plants allow you to unwind so that you can have a fresh start to your life upon return.

At our retreats, you will be with people with similar concerns or interests and, hence, offer you the opportunity to spend memorable moments with like-minded people who are looking to achieve the same goals as you. These people may even act as your support system as you work toward your goal and also inspire you to identify issues that you couldn't have seen on your own. They help you realize that you are not alone. Retreats also provide you the opportunity to make friends that you can remain in touch with even after you return home.

Evolve retreats include trainings, exercises or group sessions led by our experts who allow you to identify your own blindspots and help you improve your mental, emotional and physical well-being. These sessions are in accordance with your needs and enable you to not only improve your well-being while at the retreat, but also equip you with information and techniques that you can use to remain in shape even after the retreat is over.

retreat and Workshop offerings

Exploring Silence, Solitude and Mindfulness

Self-awareness and Leadership

Leadership Embodiment

Know your Strengths, Use your Strengths

Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

Conversations for Growth

Designing your Life


“I was deeply affected by the women’s retreat. It was an extraordinary and lovely day, unlike anything I have done in the past and will definitely do again.” - Sarah J.

“What an INCREDIBLE day…for an amazing women’s retreat!! Thank you Jill…for your beautiful teaching. I have a renewed energy and motivation to continue striving to be the best version of myself...I met incredible women from all walks of life with the same struggles...It’s unreal how we all still relate to some of the same core issues. I feel so refreshed. I didn’t have my phone for at least 6 hours and everyone survived lol. Unplugging felt amazing...we all need to do it more often. Time to start being more present and living in each moment. Such a great day.” - Suzy T.

“I liked the way Jill shared that we can create our own interruptions instead of waiting for life to make it happen for us. I will use that to keep reminding myself if I'm interrupting myself.”
- Emily R.

"I loved your session this morning!! You're always sliding into my life with clarity when I need it."
- Samantha L.

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