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Team workshops and retreats continue to grow in importance around the world. There are many benefits of team outings and even smaller organizations are thinking about how they can take the office out of the office even just for a day. At a basic level, team outings help everyone breathe a little easier by taking people away from a stressful environment. For instance, one of the best times to hold a company retreat is just after an annual busy period. Less stress means more productive workers.

Workshops and retreats have been shown to improve company morale by helping people develop empathy, trust and a collective vision. And organizations with high morale have been shown to outperform their counterparts.

We have designed Evolve retreats and workshops to give people an open and safe environment to reveal who they truly are. Once teammates listen to a colleague they can better identify with them—resulting in greater empathy and trust.

Team outings provide a space for everyone to reflect, allowing people to look back at what they have done individually and collectively in the recent past and develop a clearer vision of the future. Not only is this crucial for personal growth, it’s also essential for the continuing progress of the team and organization.

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